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Wind Mitigation Inspection

If your home undergoes a wind mitigation inspection and you have not previously had a reduction for this type of inspection,
you are eligible for insurance discounts or credits.

  • Lower your premiums.
  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payment.
  • Know the structural integrity of your home.

Insurance companies in the State of Florida offer savings for construction features that reduce hurricane damage.
Wind inspections are a new type of inspection in the State of Florida. These inspections look at the structure of a property and inform the owners and their insurance companies what conditions currently exist and what additional steps can be taken to improve their home to withstand hurricanes and windstorm damage and reduce their insurance premiums.

Not all inspector's are qualified to do these inspections.
All of our inspectors are Florida Certified Wind Surveyor's. And we maintain the State of Florida Certified Building license needed to fill out the required wind mitigation forms.
We will provide you with a UNIFORM MITIGATION FORM (OIR-B1-1802) This personalized form will tell your insurance company how your home qualifies for premium discounts based on the current structure of your home.

If you want a wind mitigation inspection in time for the next hurricane season, contact us directly at: (239) 945-2414.



Trust your next inspection to a licensed Florida State Certified Building Contractor!
Verify our State Certified Building license information from the Florida Dept. of Professional Regulation CLICK HERE


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